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Agrément de programmes d'enseignement de parajuristes Accredited Paralegal Education Programs Audit Policy and Framework Paralegal Education Program Accreditation Package In January 2004, the Attorney General of Ontario asked the Law Society to expand its public interest mandate to include ...

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Alberta Paralegal and Legal Assistant Programs and Courses

Legal Assistance - Grant MacEwan College

Grant MacEwan College's 2-year Investigations and Security Management program prepares students for careers in 'private investigations, or government and corporate investigations and security management.' More specifically, the Program will equip learners with 'a foundation of knowledge in risk management, loss prevention, investigative techniques, law, sociology, psychology and emergency management.'

Legal Assistant - Red Deer College

Red Deer College's 2-year Legal Assistant diploma trains students 'in legal practice, basic knowledge of legal rights...

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Lawyers are too expensive for most Canadians. Give more ...


Our justice system is in crisis. As many as 65 per cent of individuals involved in family court proceedings in Ontario do not have a lawyer . In the province's civil courts, there are, by some estimates, more people representing themselves than parties with counsel . Increasingly, Ontarians are unable to afford lawyers' services. This impairs meaningful access to the justice system.


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